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Warm and Supportive Evidence Based Therapy
Serving Colorado Children, Teens & Adults

We’re here to help you live a happier, calmer and more carefree life.
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Does this sound like you?

  • Consumed by endless obsessions and compulsions?

  • Feeling constantly anxious, and unable to relax?

  • Frequently stuck on things from the past, and worried about the future?

  • Unable to let go or move on from a traumatic experience?

  • Concerned about your child or teen?

  • Feeling like your relationship is a constant struggle?

  • Unable to self regulate, or stop using substances?

  • Feeling down, depressed and unmotivated?



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How We Can Help

Two kids hugging each other

Child therapy for kid’s worries, big and small.

A man with a smile and arms crossed

Individual therapy to process relationship challenges, and learn skills to cope more effectively.

Closeup of a person's lap

Process through and be able to let go of traumatic experiences.

A person writing in their journal

An evidence based trauma therapy to fully heal from any negative experiences or memories.

A person holding a stack of blankets

Highly effective evidence based ERP/ExRP therapy.

A group sitting at a table

Learn effective tools to completely manage your anxiety symptoms.

A couple sitting together from behind

Feel happier, lighter and more motivated through our therapy for depression.

A person holding a cup of coffee

Judgment free addictions counseling, for whenever you are on your journey.

A close of two pairs of shoes

Therapy for your teen to feel seen, understood and supported.

A woman smiling with sunglasses

Our therapy services have been proven to provide numerous benefits, including…

✔  Significant decreases in OCD symptoms

✔  The ability to cope effectively with anxiety, and feel relaxed

✔  Fully healing from traumatic experiences

✔  Your child or teen feeling happier, and more at ease

✔  Enjoying meaningful, healthy relationships

✔  Effective tools and strategies to handle triggering situations

✔  Feeling lighter, happier, and more carefree

✔ Developed awareness surrounding urges for substances, and how to handle them

Everyone struggles at some point in life... We're here to help!

Elevation Behavioral Therapy is a specialized practice that focuses on treating OCD and related disorders, as well as other mental health conditions.


We offer traditional talk therapy, as well as exposure and response prevention (ERP) for OCD, both of which are highly effective medication free treatment options.


Our goal is to help you address the root of the issue, so you can live symptom free!

Take a virtual tour of our office in Cherry Creek, Denver

Meet our Award Winning Therapists

Awarded Top Counselors in Denver, Colorado by Sunshine Behavioral Health

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Pamela Sterling, MFT, LMFT

Megan Rulli  MSW, LCSW profile picture

Megan Rulli, MSW, LCSW

Dr. Estefania Luna  PsyD profile picture

Dr. Estefania Luna, PsyD

Angelica Onofrio  MSW, LCSW profile picture

Angelica Onofrio, MSW, LCSW

Allison Zage  MSW, LCSW profile picture

Allison Zage, MSW, LCSW

Christina Byington profile picture

Christina Byington, MSW, LCSW, LAC

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